Manhattan Golf and Gallery

Custom Framing

Framing plays an integral role in displaying works of art, enhancing the visual impact, and preserving the artwork in an archival way.

We have the experience and craftsmanship to handle your artwork while offering you pricing that can support your bottom line.


The design of your framing is the first element in the successful outcome of your framing project. Our goal is to preserve, protect, and compliment your art so that you can enjoy it for a lifetime. We’ll give you as much guidance as you need, making the design process easy and comfortable so you get just what you want at a price that works for you.

Experience Counts

We use archival framing methods and materials. We are problem solvers who can find solutions for almost any framing challenge, be it the archival attachment of three-dimensional objects, a complex mat, or installation on difficult surfaces.

Custom Framing of Jerseys, Collectibles & Crafts

Custom framing isn’t just for flat items. Collectibles such as sports jerseys, signed footballs, cross-stitching and needlepoint require special handling and mounting methods to preserve their value. Needlework is carefully blocked and pinned or laced over pure cotton ragmat.
Jerseys can be mounted using special, reversible fasteners or sewn to the backing board. Still want to take your jersey out and wear it sometimes? Ask us about easy-open frames that display your jersey while leaving it easily accessible. We have access to a wide variety of display cases especially designed for your favorite sport jerseys. Have an actual game ball you want framed? We can custom build a shadow box to showcase your treasure. 

Custom Framing as Storytelling

Do you have a shoebox full of items you’re holding on to for the memories they represent?
It’s time to rescue these treasures from the corner of the closet and let them retell your story. We all have mementos of past events we want to remember: the concert you attended after working all summer to earn the money for the tickets; the scorecard showing a hole-in-one on your favorite golf course; your trek through Europe the summer of your senior year. Weddings, births, graduations… these events deserve to be remembered and proudly displayed.

Custom Framing to Honor Military Service

Whether you have personally served in the armed forces or have supported a loved one in the service, from Service Flags to Presidential Commendations, from medals to unit patches, we will work with you to design a frame that celebrates your service.
Military retirement frames are a great way to combine medals, unit coins, and patches acquired during your service. Flag display cases bring Old Glory from the closet and out for proud display in your home or office. Cases are available for just the flag, or we can combine the flag with other items depicting your military service. Computerized mat cutting technology allows us to cut ranks and special shapes into the mats.