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Custom Golf Club Fitting

Tailoring the golf club to the golfer

Why buy custom-built golf clubs? Because precise fitting by a trained professional assures that each variable of club construction is carefully matched to the physical characteristics and ability of each individual golfer. When we analyze your golf swing to determine the best fitting clubs, we determine a number of very important variables:

    • Shaft Flex
    •  Loft/Lie – Effect Trajectory and Direction of the Ball
    • Swing Weight – Determines a Properly Timed Hit
    • Club Length – Affects Lie and Flexibility
    • Grip Size – For Better Wrist Action Through The Ball
    • Face Angle – Closed, Square, or Open Effect Trajectory and Direction
  • Set Makeup – The 14 Best Clubs For You

Each one of these variables is carefully measured and adjusted to fit YOU as an individual golfer. For example, if your problem is a chronic slice, we can close a face angle on a driver or use a more flexible shaft on an iron.

Variations of this type should only be done by a professional club fitter. Why buy clubs off the rack when custom-fit golf clubs allow you to play to your full potential.

Professional Instruction by PGA Teaching Professional Bill Humbertson

“Improving your swing mechanics is the first step to improving your golf game.”

Golf Video Swing Analysis

“Video analysis of your golf swing enables the student to get instant feedback on what are the proper golf swing movements. Not only does the student immediately benefit from a video analysis it also aids the professional instructor to make necessary adjustments in the students golf
mechanics, without guessing. I call it the x-ray machine of your swing.”

Available by appointment